A community for digital design professionals in Sweden

Sweden is packed with amazingly talented designers that during the last decades have created some of our times most iconic digital products, interfaces, experiences and apps. It’s safe to say that we’re among the top countries when it comes to UX/UI design and our skills are highly regarded most places we go. But we can get better…

The Swedish design community spans throughout almost every top company, agency and startup globally. Adding the talented people who have moved to work in Sweden over the last decade, our pool of design talent has never been stronger. And yet we’re not taking full advantage of each others skills and experiences. We’re not meeting, talking, sharing or collaborating nearly as much as we all want to. But together we are going to change that by connecting every designer in Sweden on one platform.

Calling all UX & UI designers

I started a Slack team (uxuiswe.slack.com) where we can give and receive feedback on projects, share job opportunities, talk about pixels and spread the news about events and hopefully find new ways to collaborate with each other. If you’re a UX/UI designer working in Sweden or a Swedish designer working abroad you can request an invite to join the community.

My wish is that UX/UI Swe can become what we all hoped Dribbble would be – a place to get solid feedback on your work from trusted peers – mixed with a little bit of Meetup, but less awkward. My intention with the platform is to maximize all the professional and social benefits that comes with connecting all us local designers.

Together we can build a great community

If we all contribute actively to the community we’re all gonna get something back. If you give feedback, you will receive feedback. If you share something, other people will share. If you host a designers meet up, others will too. You get the point.

I’m a product designer in Stockholm and I created this because I was lacking a good way to connect with my peers in my everyday work life. I found it hard to get quality feedback from my peers when I needed it and and also lacking a way to find out about events specific for designers in my city. I think UX/UI Swe can be the way to bridge those gaps and bring the design community closer together.

Spread the word to other designers

I’m adding all of Sweden’s designers one by one until there’s no one more to add and I need everyones help to make that happen. Please spread the word to your colleagues and when you meet someone new who’s also a designer then tell them about UX/UI Swe so we can make this the best damn place for all of us!

Now, join the community!

Before you request an invite there’s two simple rules. First, you have to be a professional digital designer who’s working in Sweden or a swede working abroad. Secondly, you want to participate in making the Swedish design community stronger.

If you tick those boxes just push the big ol’ button below to join the Slack team!

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